Is your practice ready for CenteringPregnancy?

We are dedicated to improving maternal and child health outcomes in Georgia

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Who we are

CenteringGeorgia is a coalition of partners dedicated to improving maternal and child health outcomes in Georgia. The workgroup, initiated in January, 2013 under the leadership of the March of Dimes and in partnership with the United Way of Greater Atlanta and the Centering Healthcare Institute is designed to build statewide capacity and infrastructure so that the CenteringPregnancy® model can be implemented in local communities.

Our Goals

Increase the number of centering sites and participants in Georgia 

Ensure training is available to new and existing sites

Ensure each site is equipped to evaluate data

Inform consumers, providers and partners about the benefits of Centering

Our History

In 2009, United Way of Greater Atlanta unveiled under its new strategic plan the Babies Born Healthy goal focused on improving birth outcomes and preventing low birth rates by supporting efforts to expand access to prenatal care services and addressing the social determinates of health. Prompting the creation of the Babies Born Healthy collaborative network. The goal of the network was to identify evidenced based best practices in support of expectant mothers through greater access to prenatal healthcare, education and support. Centering Pregnancy was identified and implemented as a premier solution to expanding prenatal care in Georgia.

In 2012, Grady Health Systems in partnership with United Way Atlanta was awarded a federal grant through the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare called Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns. This initiative was designed to test and evaluate enhanced prenatal care interventions, such as Centering Pregnancy, for women enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP at risk for having a preterm birth, across the state of Georgia.

Currently, the Centering Georgia Statewide consortium has worked towards expanding and capturing best practice approaches for implementing this model of care, within the obstetrician community.

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CenteringPregnancy is changing the way women receive their prenatal care

The Readiness Assessment is the first step to initiating your relationship with Centering Healthcare Institute and beginning your implementation journey. It helps to identify some key characteristics of your clinical practice that may determine if Centering is right for you. Once you have completed and submitted the Readiness Assessment a Practice Services Manager will contact you to discuss what Centering may look like in your clinical setting.